hoodiaHere at Unique Hoodia (the makers of Hoodia gordonii), we love to eat just like anybody! We also like to look and feel great. Is it really possible to have your cake and eat it too?

If you’re fed up with the weight fluctuations, starvation and fad diets, feeling hungry, and spending hours on the treadmill, then you’ll find Hoodia gordonii to be an an amazing alternative. Our product contains 1000 mg (sustained release) of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii and WE GUARANTEE IT! Hoodia just doesn’t get more potent than that and it’s available exclusively right here. Hoodia’s formula contains NO “fillers.” Just pure Hoodia…clinically proven to be the strongest appetite suppressant ever discovered. Every bottle we produce is manufactured in a fully licensed, FDA approved facility.


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