Eating out at restaurants has become popular with the general public. Most people prefer to eat out because it is easier and a cheap way to dine. However most people think restaurants are a unhealthy option as the food will add more weight on you. What they do not know is that you can eat out and lose weight as well. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to go about it.

Reduce Caloric Intake

This can be achieved by changing your eating habits. It is essential to avoid food that contains fat as they have a large number of calories. A good way to obtain a minimal calorie intake is by cutting down fatty foods and supplementing it with healthy foods. For example whole grain bread, fruits and vegetables are a wise choice which you can order at a restaurant.

Choose Salad Smartly

You should ensure that your salad contains greens and other kinds of vegetables. Be sure to top it with one or two tablespoons of low fat dressing. You should limit your choice with a low intake of cheese and creamy dressing. You should supplement chicken or tuna salad with a healthy salad.

Portion Control

Eat three quarters of what you have ordered. Research has proved that most people trying to lose weight are satisfied with eating only 75% of the food that is on their plate. You can also order small portions of carbohydrates and supplement it with a large portion of protein. Have your server bring a doggie bag before you start eating. You can place a portion of your meal in the bag to enjoy as a snack at home. Doing this first, eliminates the sense to eat everything on your plate. healthy menu3 How to eat healthy at restaurants and still lose weight

Eat From The Healthy Menu

You should order food which includes vegetables and protein. Eating more vegetables is preferable when trying to lose weight. Fats tend to give the body more energy which does not get used up. For a dessert, order a low fat option. This will help you avoid an intake of fat. If you cannot resist other high fat desserts like creme bulee then you can share it with the person you are dining with. One desert and two forks will help both of you to lose weight.

Good Protein

Most animal protein contains fat. If you have a motive of losing weight then you are advised to keep animal protein to a minimum. However, if you need to take animal protein like steak or pork then take it in a small portion. This does not mean that all animal proteins are fat. You can supplement red meat with white meat which is low in fat.

Watch What You Drink

When having a drink be mindful of the calories. Replace fruit cordial and frizzy drinks with water. Water helps to balance the fat in your body and keeps you hydrated. When having breakfast you should not have any sugar in your coffee or tea as sugar contains a lot of calories. Do not get carried away by the wine. This is to prevent an intake of calories. Be cautious of the meals termed as light as most restaurants don’t cater for those who want to lose weight. However, there are still many options available to you as discussed in this article.